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Safer Online Shopping with Virtual Credit Card

I think I have once discussed about the virtual credit cards and prepaid card several months ago, but because one of my friends asked me about it, I realize that there may be still many people needing information about the virtual credit cards, how and where to get then. Indeed, those who like shopping online on the internet, are suggested to use the virtual credit cards for security reason because the virtual credit cards are safer than the regular credit cards in the case of online shopping usage. Perhaps, you have known about the identity thefts occurring to the credit card holders since they use their credit cards to shop online. And the identity thefts will not occur if you use the virtual credit cards because with the virtual credit cards, one credit card number is for one transaction, and only once. It means that every time you want to shop online, you will get one virtual credit card number, which will be only valid for that transaction.

Entropay really understands about this condition, so they offer the virtual credit cards and also prepaid cards for those who want to do the safer online shopping. In order to get those services, you have to sign up for getting an account. Then you will get some payment types including virtual visa card, plastic MasterCard, and bank transfer. The prepaid cards provided by Entropay can be the solution as well for those who do not want to have the bills every month because you need to fund your account first in order to use the prepaid cards for any payment.

If you all the time has been trying to apply for a credit card but none of your applications is accepted, you had better sign up to Entropay for faster and safer types of payments and sending funds. Why should you wait for a longer way if there is another faster? Get more info now at

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