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Vocabulary Builder Software

Hello, English learners, how is the progress of your English? Do you still need to improve? What if I recommend you the vocabulary builder software so you have the excellent vocabulary, will you love it? Of course, you will love it because by mastering the vocabulary, you will easily to master English in any medium including writing and speaking.

The vocabulary builder software is Vocaboly, which contains five books, i.e. SAT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and VOA Special English. When you learn the words there, you also will be given the sentences using those words so you know how to use the words. I think the usage of the words in the sentences is very important because one word can have the different meanings when you use it in the different contexts or sentences, like the word “present” below:

“At present, I present a present to someone that was present at my house yesterday”

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