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To be in the pink

Hello everybody! How are you today? Are you in the pink? Good, I am in the pink too right now. Although I am feeling blue but I’m in the pink.

When we are in a good or perfect condition especially of health, we can say we’re in the pink. How to know the difference between pink as a color and the expression above? To find out let’s read the conversation below:

Jane : Hi, John, how’re you today?
John : Hi, Jane, I’m in the pink, let’s go around!
Jane : Where’re we going? But I’m not ready yet.
John : OK, I’ll wait for you here.
Jane : Thanks, I’ll get dressed first, wear my favorite clothes.
John : OK, go!
(After 15 minutes)
Jane : Hi, John, I’m ready now. Let’s go!
John : Oh my! You look more beautiful with that pink dress.
Jane : Thank you.
John : I like the girls in pink. They will look so pretty.

Well so, “to be in the pink” is an expression. The word “pink” must be used after “to be” and “the”.

I’m sure you have many other usage of the word pink. Please share to us by doing comment below.

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8 comments to “To be in the pink”
plague doctor said...

i'm very very very in the pink to found this Blog, master.

would you like to follow me on ?

i have english Blog on

Anonymous said...

numpang baca2 ya, lagi belajar bahasa inggris niy, thanks for sharing!!! I'm follow u now,

Anonymous said...

bgs juga conversationnya utk nambah2 obrolan sm org2 bule..apa mas Ches ini english teacher?

Seno said...

i'm in the pink too.

DHC said...

thanks yah,. infonya berguna buat latihan Conver and TOEFL,. hehe

Anonymous said...

sorry bos bukan di hapus tapi lagi di perbaiki sekarang udah ada di categori benner ku maaf ya bos

Anonymous said...

bos napa yang punya bos shoutmix rusak jadi aku ga bisa di ketik...

Agustina Bellamy said...

hi....i'm in the ink too..
btw thax that's so helpfully especially for me, english is not good.....ok let me learn from your blog.

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