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The man in blue looks so blue

I am sure that you all have known the word blue. Yes the word blue represents a color. Besides, blue has some other meaning. One of them is the sadness feeling. See the examples below:

Blue as a color:
The sky is blue
I have many blue t-shirts at home.
What is the color of his eyes? Blue
The man in blue is my father.

To represent a sadness feeling:
I am feeling so blue to hear that your brother is in jail.
Why do you look so blue today?
I am very blue to see your condition.

Now try to determine the meaning of blue in the sentence below!

Look, Jane! The man in blue looks so blue to know that his daughter plays a role in a blue film.

Do you have any other examples of using the word blue? Or perhaps you want to correct any mistake of this entry if any? Please tell us here by giving your comments below!

Bye and thanks for having read, mwach!

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Comments :

plague doctor said...

i look so blue when my face become blue because punched police who inspection for blue film. oh, my gosh. in my phone there are blue film with actress who use blue bikini.

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