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How to write a professional EMAIL.

Writing an Email as a professional letter is a must when you work in an office or when you are at university to send your lecturer or when you apply for a job. So what to be paid attention when we want to write an email politely?

1. At first you should know to whom your email will be sent so that you can determine your salutation. Here are the examples:

You email someone you don’t know well or your superior:
Dear Mr. John,
Dear Dr Agus,
You email someone who has a working relationship with you:
Dear Agus,
Hi John,
Hello Smith,

Don’t forget to end with comma.

2. The second you shouldn’t write a very long letter. Write about 3 or 4 paragraphs. Put double line break, don’t use an indent tab.

3. Write an email as you write formal letter with a paper, pay attention to the capital and so on.

4. End your email as follow:

# Use Yours sincerely, (when you know the name of your addressee) and Yours faithfully, (when you’ve addressed it to “Dear Sir/Madam”) for very formal emails such as job applications.
# Use Best regards, or Kind regards, in most other situations.•#Even when writing to people you know well, it’s polite to sign off with something such as “All the best,” “Take care,” or “Have a nice day,” before typing your name.

5. Use your signature with including the information about you and your company. Include your full name if you send to someone you don’t know well or your superior or your short name when you send to work mates. Also include email address, telephone number and postal address (where appropriate) when you send to your correspondents or other company as your company partner. It makes it easy for your correspondents to find your contact details: they don’t need to root through for the first message you sent them, but can just look in the footer of any of your emails.

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Seno said...

Makasih banyak nih, saya butuh nih yang beginian. Salam.

Seno said...

Terima kasih banyak komentarnya. Tulisan kamu jauh lebih berguna kok, jarang lho blog yang isinya tutorial bahasa inggris. Salam.

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