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Is it commenter or commentator?

Someone asked me which one is right: commenter or commentator. Before we continue, let’s see and compare the origin of those words:

To comment ==> comment ==> commenter
To commentate ==> commentary ==> commentator

Both “to comment” and “to commentate” have the same meaning. To comment or commentate means to make or write comments.

So commenter is one who makes or writes comments. I find that commentator is widespread in sports reporting and journalism. A commentator is an expert who observes and comments on something. I think that commentator is used to name a commenter as his professional job.

For me it’s OK to use commenter or commentator to appreciate your contributors to your blog entry or your writing who have commented and given their opinions about your writing.

I use commentator to call one who comments on my blog, as for me, he or she is my inspiration and he (or she) has given me spirit. He (or she) is an expert that can lead me to a progress.

However I appreciate you very much if you would like to be a commentator on this writing especially and on my blog generally. In addition, in this chance I would like to give many thanks to Seno who has become Top Commentator on my blog.

Finally, should you have any other opinions about this topic or disagree with my opinion, don’t hesitate to write your comments below.
Be a good and top commentator!

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Comments :

4 comments to “Is it commenter or commentator?”
Anonymous said...

You are welcome Ches. THanks for telling me about commenter and commentator. Before I read your post, I was confused to differ the words.

Would you mind to tell me, what is the different of "you are welcome" and "anytime".

A : Thank you.
B : You are welcome.

A : Thank you.
B : Anytime

Anonymous said...

very nice info here, i need it my friend !

Seno said...

Kunjungan malam idul adha he..he.. apa kabar bro?

Seno said...

Visit you again bro. How are you. Have a nice day. Seno.

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