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Fruits in Slang English

Finally! Now I can write again after several days I couldn’t. I went to hometown and took a rest and refreshed my thoughts.

In my hometown I found and ate lots of fruits such as apple, banana, orange, and so on.

Do you know if we can say slang way with the fruit-name? Let’s learn now!


Apple of one’s eye:
e.g.: She is the apple of her father’s eye. It means that she is her father’s favorite.


To be bananas = to be crazy
e.g.: I am so bored, I’m going bananas.

Top banana = main boss
e.g.: he is the top banana in his company. It means he is the main boss in his company.


To compare apples and oranges = to compare two things that simply can not be compared.
e.g.: that’s ridiculous, you’re comparing apples and oranges.

There are still many other fruits used in slang way, including vegetables. Read more books or watch movies to know them! The more you read books the more you get them. I will write again when I find some of them.

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5 comments to “Fruits in Slang English”
Anonymous said...

Thanks, i got the new phrases again from your post. About award, it's ok Ches. How was your journey? Where do you go to your home town?

Anonymous said...

Oh, one more. Welcome back to online sharing. Keep spirit and success always

Anonymous said...

Ok, enjoy for rest, have a nice dream

Seno said...

THanks fot your visiting bro.

sinopsis dan review film terbaru said...

thank you my friend...

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