Kapanlagi.com is a big liar?

2:45 PM
I was enjoying my beautiful Sunday when suddenly I received SMS from 4246120, which means my YM friend sent me an instant message. Yes, Biri Bara, YM ID of Putra Eka has informed me about something annoying, making so angry, to bloggers especially Indonesian bloggers.

Kapanlagi.com as an Indonesian Portal site has shown what it is really. YES, Kapanlagi.com is a big liar. I am afraid its contents are a lie as well.

How can it be?

It started six months ago when kapanlagi.com held a banner contest with total prize IDR 50M. Many bloggers became so bouncy to join the contest. December 20, 2008 had been set up as last date and announcement day of the winner, but what is up? Until I write this post, nothing, all went in silence, kapanlagi.com is rest in peace.

I am not the victim but feeling the same as my friends do. I still hope kapanlagi.com will take an action, or go to hell.

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  1. Wow! Another post about this scam. Those KapanLagi surely jerk!

    One more opinion!


  2. wow.. its very hot topic about kapanlagi bro..I'm sure kapanlagi must answer all the questions from blogger..

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