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All and all of, already and all ready

Look at the sentences below:

All of the books are very expensive

We say this when we point to fixed books, it means that there are still books which are not expensive. When we talk about the psychology books and we find that such books are almost all expensive, then we can say: “all of the books are very expensive”.

All the books are very expensive

This way is similar with the first sentence, and you had better to use this form instead.

All books are very expensive

It means that all kinds of books are very expensive. In this way, we are not talking about a group of books. We do not care whether psychology books, history books, or others.

Are you clear?

Now let’s talk about already and all ready.

I have already known what she did yesterday.

Already here is an adverb, describes an action that we finish.

Let’s get started now Students! I hope you are all ready.

It is a phrase, two words, all and ready. It means that everyone is ready.

If you have another opinion about that, say in comment box below and think about these words:
All right or alright?
Altogether or all together?

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