How to write right: it’s or its

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It is actually not so difficult to differentiate between the two words, “it’s” and “its”. More over, we use them in speaking. The two words have the same pronunciation. It might be frequently wrong when we have to write them. It may be wrong often when we should write them. Perhaps we write them in hurry of typing them.

“it’s” stands for “it is” like in “she’s or “he’s”. You must remember that to include the apostrophe (‘) s in the words does not show the possessive pronouns like I have talked about in the former post titled “Possessive Apostrophe” , if you have not read yet, please read first. Now compare with the sentences below:

John’s crying over his lost car. (It stands for John is)
She’s looking at me (It stands for She is)
He’s OK. (It stands for He is)
It’s time to go now. (It stands for it is)
She’s gone to the Church (It stands for She has)

Now pay attention to the sentence below:

I would like to buy a car, but its price is too expensive.

The word “its” above is to replace the word “car”. It’s called Possessive Pronoun.

To learn more about Possessive Pronouns, I will talk about them in the next post.

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