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My Funny Story: I have unzipped my trousers.

I’m assigned a task by my best friend Yusa. The task is telling about my funny story that I’ve ever experienced. Indeed I’ve got a lot of such stories. Below is one of them.
The story or I prefer to say incident, happened several days ago …about three days ago.
There goes the story…

Since I often sit down in front of my PC from morning till midnight even till dawn, never do sports, my body becomes so fat, huh, my stomach is like a pregnant woman. I’ve got a bay window.

The problem comes! My trousers don’t fit again, they becomes too tight on my waist. As a result, my breath’s bated. It makes me uncomfortable to sit. To buy new ones, I still can’t afford or not at all, just lazy to go to Mall.

One day my office was not busy and only me in the office. Then I thought that I should unzip my trousers and open its button. “Oh my God, thanks, I can breathe again”.
(ha ha ha , stop! The story is still going, don’t laugh now)

A disaster came to me!

A guest came. “Wow the money comes” said me. I supposed he would buy a ticket from my office. You know that I work in a Tour and Travel Agency.

Guest : “Excuse me, Sir!”

Me : “Yes please sit down, is there anything I can help you? Do you need a ticket for your journey?

Guest : “Thank you but I am afraid that I come here to meet Mr. Aris, I need to talk to him for something urgent. Would you please take me to his room?

Me :”I am sorry but there’s no one by that name here, this is PT. Gemilang Travel, Tour and Travel Agency.”

Guest :”Oh I am sorry then, Mr. Aris works in Primagama, education institution

Me :”Oh I see, it’s besides my office, let me show you!”

I stood up to escort the man.

But….can you imagine what was happening?

My trousers would be dropping down…

How shameful! Quickly I sat down again and said:

I am really sorry, Sir, I can’t take you there now as suddenly my Boss sends me an sms to do some works. But Primagama is exactly besides this office, besides here!” while pointing towards the Primagama Office and my other hand held my hand phone as if an sms was in.

Hey You! Stop laughing! It’s not funny you know! It may be funny for you but not for me. Ha ha ha

That’s the story. Now I would reassign this task to my best friends below. Tell us your funny experiences on your blog like mine above.


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Comments :

6 comments to “My Funny Story: I have unzipped my trousers.”
Anonymous said...

keren banget nih english mlh ga jadi ketawa mas...hehehe...:D...thanks bgt udh dikerjain yah..

Unknown said...

okay..siap laksanakan..tapi gak lama neh selesainya..musti ngayal dan inget2 masa lalu..gak papa2 yah..?

Anonymous said...

@ Yusa : thx bro..
@Septian: jgn lama2 ngayalnya..

Anonymous said...

Ha..h.a.. it's so funny experience.

No woman, no cry...
No money, nodong...
No resleting (unzip), oh no.., no..., no..., nongooooll

Anonymous said...

wekwkekwe sampe ditanya kemana aja? he3x lagi sibuk [sok sibuk nih!!!]Awal tahun baru bisa Full Ol,ow
ada PR yah entar mas dikerjain [slow down]pasti dikerjain ko' sambil mikir dulu nih.

akhlis said...

Wow, feel so lucky not to be there, watching you struggling to refasten your pants and witnessing a brief showcase of your 'sexy' belly. ughhh,so gross! hahaha ^_^
I hardly exercise but I have no flapping abs. No offense, dude. Nice story you told us though.

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