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Frequently used abbreviations in US

Many American Students from Indonesia say that speaking is easier than listening. It is because of using abbreviation of some words or phrases that not only make those words/phrases sound confusing but also become so fast to say that finally difficult to understand.

Below are some very popular abbreviation and used frequently. You will see those in pronunciation because it’s commonly used in speaking. But some are commonly used in writing such as in Novel, magazine, and so on, for these words/phrases will be given the sign asterisk (*).

Standard ==> Abbreviation ==> Example ==> Notes

And ==> ‘n ==> where ya going? ==> ya can be followed one and more words.

Because ==> ‘cause (*) ==> I hate her ‘cause she’s very arrogant

Does she ==> dushi ==> Dushi speak English?

Give me ==> gimme (*) ==> Gimme the money!

Going to ==> gonna/gonnu (*) ==> I’m gonna give you my shoes/I’m gonnu ask him.

Get out of here ==> get outta here (read: ged oudda here)

and many others.

Do you wanna know the others? Don’t miss it to read next posting!

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Anonymous said...

pagi mas Ches..ada PR buat mas Ches di blog sy tolong kerjakan yah..

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