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A six years old boy drove a car

Because of missing the bus and fear to come late to the event of having breakfast together at his school, a six years old boy carried his parent’s car. The young boy drove about 6 miles from his house. He several times hit cars and the pavement. Luckily, the young boy was safe; he just suffered a little wounds and bruised on his head.

The police came to help and cured his wounds then the police escorted him to the school. The young boy admitted to the police that he did that because he feared to come late to his school, because there was an event of having breakfast together at his school.

The young boy can drive a car because he all the time learn driving a car from the game.

Hello, Parents! Take care of your children! That occurrence should warn you, that you all must take care of your children, and select the best game for your children. It’s good that your children are clever to do something, but if it is dangerous for your children, you had better limit it.

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