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How to overcome boredom

No matter that you are in a good condition and spirit now, you will sometime feel bored of working. It can happen to you and me as well. Especially it happens to those who work in the office and work in front of computer all days. What can we do in facing such feeling?

Everybody should have his or her own solution because working or earning money is necessary. You cannot stop eating in order to stay surviving. It is normal. Several things that I usually do when I face the boredom in the office are:

Firstly, I will browse and surf on the internet each time I finish my work or assignment. You can do this as well. Search and browse as your interests. If you like automotive or if you like shopping, find them out on the internet. However, do not take it too long, after about 20 minutes back to your work.

Secondly, I usually take a rest for five to ten minutes every thirty minutes. I will stand up and walk around, take my long breath and do relaxation. Do not forget to sit back again and start your work again.

Those are what I usually do when I am bored with my work. Now tell us your experience as well, if you want.

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