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Learning English: builds quality persons

Hello, readers, on this opportunity I would like to thank you so much for your worthy contributions in this blog. Without you, I will have no spirit to write any articles here. If you read the last articles of this blog, maybe you will wonder why the topics are not suitable to this blog theme. I am trying to adopt all we have learned about English into our daily events or actions. For instance, you will read about news, site info, tips and opinions. Actually, your English will get higher level if you can practice it by reading some different topics such as business, finance, and many others. Maybe you will find some new words for those fields where it must be different from daily usage. For example, what do you know about the word “interest”?

In daily conversation, the word “interest” has the same meaning as “hobby”. However, it will different if we are talking about finance. That is only one word, as we know there are still many other words that have the same form but different meaning if we adopt it in different fields.

For that reason, I try to write the articles in many different fields. I hope you will find the words that will increase and improve your vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing. I also hope Learning English will build quality persons by improving their English served in many ways and fields.

May God bless you and good luck!

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7 comments to “Learning English: builds quality persons”
Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm waiting it.

Anonymous said...

blm ni Ches..lg wikenan dulu ah..

Anonymous said...

iya tuh chess....always keep in touch, habis ngisi di chat room berkejaran terus..wah jadi macet tadi..hehehehe..

www.Management & Information Technology said...

tukaran link yukz,link anda sudah saya add di exchange link

Anonymous said...

weke e e e e e e pingin deh pinter bhs ing kayak kamu

Anonymous said...

Visit u again today my bro. How r u?

Anonymous said...

Nuhun, kadang2 aya waktu dimana males jeng bosen asup ka hate. Urang oge sering ngerasakeun eta. Biasana urang langsung ngebalikkeun ka tujuan awalna.

Ujang Ches boga kekuatan jeung ilmu, nah lamun eta di optimalkeun, urang yakin Ujang Ches bakal meunang anu di teang.

Mohon dihapura lamon Bahasa Sunda urang belepotan nyak, soalna pabalieut ieu nulisna he..he..

Pokokna salam semangat wae lah nyak Jang. Sukses selalu.

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