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House vs. home

Somebody whose name is Ramamoorthy from India asked me about the difference between “home” and “house” and “die” and “death”.

House vs. home

House always refers to a building. Size and substance matter.

Home can refer to a building, but also to the surrounding, to where you reside, where you are from, or where you are comfortable.

Look at the examples below:

I stay in my new house but I do not feel at home yet.
I am going home.
You can see my grandmother in the house.
I stay at home all day. (I am not really inside the house, maybe outside or surrounding)
I stay in the house all day. (I am always inside the house)

Before the word “home”, we do not need to put the article. While before the word “house”, we can put the article. Look at the examples above. Focus to the words “at home” and “in the house”

Die and death

Die is a verb
Death is a noun
Dead is an adjective

His father died yesterday (the past tense of die is died)
His father’s death is mystery
His father was dead yesterday.

That’s all for today, I hope useful for Ramamoorthy and all of you.
Have a nice day!

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Anonymous said...

Wih dapet yang baru lagi mantabs bro. Tentang Shout box, iya aku juga g terlalu ambil pusing he..he.. cuma iseng aja g ada ide postingan he..he.. Salam

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