To differ vs. to differentiate, a difference vs. a differentiation, and to be different

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Let’s read a paragraph below carefully:

There’s a contest in my college. The contest is to make a story about the culture in a country. Every student must make a different story in different country. This is not hard because one country has the difference from the others. But two students accidentally make a story about the same country. The lecturer then asks them to differentiate their stories. The differentiation is done well by the two students, but the difference is only in the words. And now the two stories become different. The two stories differ although in the same country.

Can you differentiate the words in italics and bold?

Well let’s see the explanation below:

Different: an adjective to show that something is not the same with the others

Difference: a noun showing that something is different from the others

Differ: a verb to know if something is different from the others, you can use this verb instead of using to be different.
e.g.: apple and orange are different or apple and orange differ

Differentiate: a verb to make something different from the others
If two things are the same and you want them different, you would say: I want to differentiate them, not: I want to differ them. “differ” not followed by an object and it is used when two things are already different. You can also say: It differs from the others or It is different from the others

Differentiation: a noun showing the process to make something different from the others. By other words: When the differentiation is finished you will know the difference.

Now please the paragraph again so you will find the difference.

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  1. complete here. You wrote it clearly. I got it. Thanks bro.

  2. pelajaran yang baik nih....kalu aku mah kadang go on terus....thanks infonya..!

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    i got it and will apply it for about english

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  9. Thanks a lot ...the u explained it are very helpful and easy to understand.