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Removing the comma (,) will change the meaning of a sentence

Someone asked me what’s the different between the two sentences below:

Toni’s car, which is green, will be sold
Toni’s car which is green will be sold

The first sentence has the meaning:

1. Toni has one car
2. Toni’s car is green
3. Toni’s car will be sold

The second sentence has the meaning:

1. Toni has many cars
2. One of Toni’s car is green
3. the green car will be sold

Now I have one description like this:

You have many stories. One of them will be published in a blog. The blog uses English.

And the combining sentence will be like:

The story which you tell us yesterday will be published on a blog which uses English.

Now please combine the sentence below into one sentence like the example above:

I have one cat. The cat always sleeps at 3.00 pm. The cat is sick.

Will the sentence be like this?

My cat, which always sleeps at 3.00 pm, is sick.


My cat which always sleeps at 3.00 pm is sick.

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3 comments to “Removing the comma (,) will change the meaning of a sentence”
Anonymous said...

Hmm, every visit here I always get new knowledge. Thanks.

BTW my wife just already back from the hospital. Thanks for praying. GBU.

Seno said...

I think all potentials are positive, but the wrong action makes it negative.

Mendoan is meal form Banyumas, bikinnya dari tempe yang dicampur dengan adonan tepung, lalu di goreng tapi g sampe kering.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mas Seno..I don't know "mendoan" is..

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