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As we know that English Conversation is very important to learn. There are many kinds of English conversation, depends on the topic, place, situation, purpose, and our need. For examples, telephone conversation.
Almost everyday, everyone does conversation via phone. We must know how to talk to other by phone. Let’s read and learn the conversation below.

1. If getting through to a right person
Lucy is calling Anton, but he isn’t so sure if that is him.

Lucy : Hello, could I speak to Anton, please?
Anton : Yes, speaking
Lucy : Hi, this is Lucy, Do you remember me?..
Anton : Oh..Hello, Lucy, how are you?

2. If not getting through to the right person
Lucy intends to call Anton, her friend, then she call his house-phone number. But Mrs. Merry, Anton’s mother who receives the phone.

Lucy : Hello, could I speak to Anton, please?
Mrs. Merry : I'm sorry, he's not at home at this moment. Who’s speaking?
Lucy : This is Lucy speaking, Ma’am, When do you expect him back?
Mrs. Merry : I think he'll be back in about thirty minutes, at the latest.
Lucy : Well, may I leave a message?
Mrs. Merry : Yes, of course.
Lucy : Would you please ask him to call me when he gets back.
Mrs. Merry : Ok. Does he know your number?
Lucy : I'm afraid he doesn't know. My mobile number is 812660721
Mrs. Merry : 812660721. All right. Thanks for calling.

3. If wrong number
Now Lucy has dialed the wrong number

Lucy : Could I speak to Anton, please?
Someone : Oh, sorry? Anton? But I think there’s no one by that name here. I’m afraid you’ve got the wrong number.
Lucy : Wrong? This is Mrs. Merry’s house, isn’t it?
Someone : No, this is Mrs. Melly’s house.
Lucy : Oh I am sorry to have bothered you

OK everyone thanks for reading. Leave your comments below.

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  1. Nemu lagi deh satu blog bagus......lam kenal

  2. Looks like some conversation models from typical conversation books...hehe sorry, I'm not being rude or sarcastic (am I?). I just think such conversation models much too awkward, stiff, frozen on so many levels...
    I prefer learning conversations by watching western series or movies with English subtitles. It works, give it a shot!