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How to write a blog in English

Now there are a lot of blogs in English, bloggers share their ideas in Englsih, here I will share some tips before you write a blog in English.
The first thing you should do to is think about your readers, not all of your readers speak English, and of course your readers are from children to adults, so use simple English. Write as if you are talking to them. Share your great ideas with a simple English so they will understand your idea and they will enjoy your writing.

For your reference please read 10 Practical Tips for Writing in English

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5 comments to “How to write a blog in English”
Anonymous said...

very interesting info u have here, i enjoy staying here and reads !

Ches said...

thx for your comment here, i appreciate

Anonymous said...

Hi..this information very important for me...
I want to learn writing in english..
Thank's freind...

aldwin said...


this is very informative..

writing in english is quite hard.

aldwin said...


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