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Applying for a job in English

This posting is for them who will apply for a job in English.

How to write an application letter :
1. Write a specific greeting e.g. Dear Mr. Brown, or use the name of department of him/her e.g. Dear HRD Manager, Dear Recruiter, Dear Search Committee, or Dear Sir/Madam.
2. Explain the origin of the information, e.g. Kompas October 27th, 2008 Edition. And here in the first paragraph you can explain the purpose and reason you apply for a job.

3. If you know someone in the company, mention his/her name there so the employer will pay attention.
4. In the second paragraph you can explain your working experience and skill that show that you are the right person to occupy the vacant position. But don’t write and explain too long here, let the employer know this in your resume.
5. In the end of letter should be short like: “I look forward to hearing from you soon”. Don’t for get to write :” Thank you for your consideration”.

Below are some examples:

Applying for Marketing Manager

Dear Hiring Manager,

I wish to be considered as Marketing Manager as advertised in Kompas October 27th, 2008 edition.

I am nearly 35.

Date of Birth : March 9th, 1970

Education : Management Department University of Indonesia
Magister Management University of Airlangga with Marketing specialty.

Certificate : Best Marketing Staff 1994 by Mr. Hudoyo, Chief Executive Officer of PT. Sirikit

Experience : 9 years marketing staff
3 years Marketing Manager of PT. Sirikit

I have made hundreds significant decision on Marketing which enhance (boost) company’s product sold in the market.

I wanted to leave that job because I would like to gain more challenges and experiences in another enterprise. I am in good health. I can operate Microsoft Office applications both as operator and programmer. I am also literate in English and fluent in Japanese.

If you want to get further information; I beg you to refer to Mr. Hudoyo, Ex-Chief Executive Officer of PT. Sirikit, Lampung. I guarantee that they will be willing to give any information you need on my integrity and willingness.

Thank you for your consideration.
I look forward to the pleasure of a personal interview.

Respectfully yours,

Yusa Indra, SE, M.M

Next I will write and post the examples of the other positions and how to write resume. GOOD LUCK.

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