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Be Natural and be loved forever

Natural beauty will never be replaced

Who does not want to look pretty? If this question is asked for all women in the world, they would say, “We all want to be pretty”.

Did you know, to be beautiful, a woman is willing to grope her money deeply? They are even willing to take potluck order expensive treatments at the salon. All were in favor of a beauty.

Why do women want to be pretty?

Of course, it’s not separated from the nature of a woman who is the most beautiful creation of God, created in this world to make the world a full-color.

She said, a woman who looks pretty will be more confident than the opposite.

A beautiful woman who she said also would be loved by many men, compared to a woman who is less attractive. This is an opinion that was created by women themselves, so they are keen to look beautiful in front of men.

Apart from the physical aspect that is interesting, a woman will look much more beautiful than the physical that was already pretty and lovely, if she has a natural beauty.

Natural beauty, like whether it?

Natural beauty is the beauty of every woman who comes from within her soul. Yes, basically every woman in this world beautiful. None of the men who created the appalling conditions.

Imagine, for zygote can be just a sperm have to beat the other millions of sperm in the uterus.

That means, the sperm that a winner is the most powerful among others. And it was a sign, all the people in this world without exception, evidence of the truth of the Quran is created perfectly.

Exude a natural beauty!

Although all women in the world is created in a beautiful state, but apparently not all women realize it. Most of them even less grateful were created with the conditions as they are. As a result, a variety of ways that in fact was done torturing yourself, such as plastic surgery.

No need to pay an expensive for beautiful!

Belle doesn't have to be expensive. The task of a woman who wants to look beautiful is to maximize and maintain the aura of natural beauty that has existed since the birth . The way is easy, namely:

1. Bathe at least twice a day.

2. Skin and dental hygiene.

3. For Muslim women, frequently ablution because in addition to calm the liver can also emit an aura that is in the body.

4. Eat healthy foods, not junk food.

5. Consume lots of water.

6. Do good to others.

Belle doesn't have to be expensive. Belle doesn't need to change God's creation. Every woman has been created in beautiful condition. Therefore, the duty of a woman is caring for the natural beauty and appreciate God's gift to her.

source:, re-written by Ai Cahyati

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