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So-Called definition

So-Called” means commonly called or named by such a name, or popularly known or called by the term. So, in the use of sentence or conversation, the word “so-called” is used as an adjective to designate inaccurate or questionable or doubt, or also to let know that a thing is known as the term.

Those so-called experts cannot even answer my easy questions. (You say this when you have doubt if they are called the experts, or you think those persons are not suitable to be called as the experts).

Bali, the so-called island of Gods, is very beautiful. (You say this when you let people know that Bali is popularly called the Island of Gods)

Well, that’s all from me, at least, that’s from what I have found from browsing on the Internet about “So-Called” definition. I hope that you can voice your knowledge here.

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