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Blogging while learning

I have been really enjoying blogging for past two years and this is my first blog, which is hosted at, as you may have known the free blog provider. I was really interested in blogging because I wanted to record all of my English notes online because I was very lazy to record them on a paper. Then blogging has inspired me to write down my English notes online, and as you see right now, this blog is the result. Although at first, I intended to publish anything about English lessons such as grammar, vocabulary, writing, and so on, but lately, I am also interested to write anything that I know. I think that by writing as much as I can, about everything and anything, I can improve my English because I write them in English. Yes, you can say I am blogging while I am learning English, and you also can do the same if you have a blog.

Actually, I have another blog, which is about anything, does not focus on one category. Not like this blog that is hosted at, my other blog is hosted at self-hosting. I think hosting our blog at self-hosting or people say the web hosting or also written webhosting is better because there are many bad experiences suffered by my friends. Their blogs have been removed by admin due to something. I am worried about it, and I am considering re-hosting this blog to one of so many web hosting providers. I hope that I can gain peace in mind at blogging afterwards, so if you are planning to create a blog or website, you had better find out the best web hosting first to host your blog or website. Even if you want to monetize your blog, hosted at self-hosting will give you more advantages because usually the advertisers prefer blogs that are hosted at self-hosting.

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2 comments to “Blogging while learning”
Heru Kurniawan said...

I will try these webhosting. I am really need it for next my site.

thanks for share

Anonymous said...

I am really inspired by your writing. I will try blogging to improve my English.

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