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Hello readers and English Learners, this post is written by my Brother Topan. If you find any mistake, please let us know because my brother is still learning too, but he wants to try to write.

In English Grammar there are three Cases :

1. Nominative case

2. Objective case

3. Possessive case

Nominative case :

Example :

· I help him

· You help me

· She help us

· It helps you

· We help them

· We help it

Subject or principal sentence above (I, you, she, it, we) called nominative case.

Objective case :

Example :

· Ali visit Amin

· He teaches his student

Amin and his student is the object of so called objective case. Explained all the noun is functioning as a subject called nominative case. And all the noun is functioning as a object called objective case.

Possessive case :

Is the ‘s mean in English Grammar is possessive or apostrophe

Example :

· Ali’s book

· Amin’s student

Used of ‘s only for people. For animal or noun be must use of as possessive

Example : the tail of the cat.

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