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I love you

Hello Boys and Girls! If all of you are falling in love, you must know the words appeared in the title of this writing. Yes, the only three words above in the title are very powerful and often heard. The words “I love you” will make your loved one love you more and more than before. Although some of them may not be so enthusiastic to hear that.

Maybe you are too bored to heat the words “I love you” so today, I have gathered some phrases to express love. I collect this powerful phrase from movies, magazine, and internet, and are just for those who are falling in live with someone.

Here they are:

I can’t live without you

I need you by my side

I always dream about you

I need you

I want you

You are like a candle in the dark

You are my everything

You mean the world to me

You’re my angel

and find out more. I think you also have many phrases about love.

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Blogger Pemula said...

I love you fulll hahahaha

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