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I and Reality

I'm still stunned at where I stood, the cold air catch throughout the pores of my skin.
Shore wind caressed my face and my hair softly.
The sun seemed reluctant to move. Golden light falling on the surface of the sea, looks like a beautiful carpet of gold throne.
I breathed a heavy breath, I'm finally back again, after 3 years I tried to run away from reality, the reality that makes my chest tight, the reality that such illusions, the reality that so just come suddenly.

Imperceptible the clear beads out of the corner of my eyes.
I tilt my head and enjoy the warm sunshine that had stretched from it clash.
“Arthur”, the sound that very familiar for me, that soft voice like water that seeps into my memory that began to dry.
I turned toward her, as hard as I try to brage be face with her.
“hay!!” I said with a forced smile. That brown-skinned girl was walking towards me.
"Long you're not here, how is jakarta??" asked the girl who was now standing next to me.
"Um ....... crowded, jammed, and heat." I said. She smiled at me, then she looked toward the sea.
“I miss you.” She said quietly, but it certainly caught my ear. I immediately turned to her. Trying for an explanation of what she was saying earlier. I saw she was just gaze at the white sand stuck between her legs. She turned to me and smiled
and walked away leaving me.

In this sea, I and Laras often spend the holidays. Early in the morning we were here, Swimming competitions, photographs, and play Volly. I think, she Is a Bali girl that so full of spirit. She has the beautiful brown skin. Her small steps make me stunning, make me can’t see the other girls beside herself.

I pull her arm when a sudden her balance reduced, she fell in my arms.
Her brown eyes looked right at me. Like magic when we looked at each other, the rhythm of my heart
normal instantaneous change irregular, as to convince my heart buried feelings for this.
“I love you.” suddenly the words came out
with the success of my lips. Laras silent, but I'm very conscious when she landed a kiss on my cheek.
“I love you too.” She said and smiling.
I’m still silent and see her running avoid me with happy smile. I can’t believe with her words that she said, the words that I think so incredible. But I realized that my love was not unrequited.

I immediately ran towards her, who had been waiting me under the coconut tree with a smile spreading across her lips.

My eyes staring invitation letter in my hand. Beads of tears fall away without
command from me.

By Ai Cahyati

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ijal said...

to be continued heh?

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