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Tag Question and Question Tag

Tag Question is a negative or positive statement followed by a question tag to ask for confirmation.


You are John, aren’t you?

You are not John, are you?

She was very beautiful, wasn’t she?

Your father is a manager, isn’t he?

I am very handsome, aren’t I?

I am not ugly, am I?

They go there tonight, don’t they?

He doesn’t know me, does he?

You will accompany me tonight, won’t you?

You will not be here, will you?

From the examples above we know that when the main statement is negative, the question tag will be positive. When the main statement is positive, the question tag is negative. Look at the fifth example. There I use aren’t I not amn’t I because there is not “amn’t” for the abbreviation of am not, so we use aren’t.

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