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How to build confidence in front of an important person

All great ideas will lose at once when someone has to meet an important person, or you will be nervous when your superior calls you. This will happen because you or I have no confidence when we have to meet an important person. Our fault is we feel that we are under him/her at position or at socioeconomic. How to build confidence in front of an important person, below are the tips:

  1. When you have to meet face to face with an important person, say that you are the same as him/her. Say in your heart that you are important as well him/her.
  2. If you need him because you are as an employee of him/her, you have to believe that he/she needs you as well. Think that without you, he/she will not be like that.
  3. You must always remember that he/she is human beings, not God, not anyone. He/she is the same with you, the creatures of God.
  4. Believe that he/she has the same feeling as you do.

Well, this is my experience that I get as long as I work at a company. Maybe you will feel the same as I do that we feel nervous when we have to meet with an important person. If you gave any experience to overcome the feeling, let us know by commenting below.

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