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How to maintain our eyes health

Do you work in front of your computer all days? Do you feel your eyes are hot?
Yes, I have ever felt that my eyes are so hot due to working in front of computer. More over, I work in front of my computer all days. It is very worthy maintaining our eyes. Our eyes are the vital organ that to lose them will make us suffer. We cannot see the world anymore.

In order to maintain our eyes health due to working in front of our computers, we should set our screen. We should adjust the brightness, contras, color, and the like. Set them to the best fit, so we feel comfortable being in front of our computers. Besides that, the distance between the computer and us can influence too. I suggest the computers are not too far, and not too close. The best distance is about 35 to 45 cm. we must avoid working in the darkness. We must use the lamp in sufficient brightness, or it can hurt our eyes.

We must do check up periodically our eyes at minimum once in a year. This is to know the progress of our eyes health; especially suggested to those who uses glasses or soft lens.

One thing that you cannot forget is your nutrition. Eat food in sufficient nutrition. The good nutrition will influence to our eyes health as well. Fruits and vegetables are very good for our eyes; the most of all is fruits and vegetables with vitamin A.

Well that’s all from me. If you have the other tips for the eyes health, you can tell us by commenting below.
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