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Let us learn from Naveen Jain and Intelius

Do you know Naveen Jain? Perhaps, you will answer “No” because you don’t know Naveen Jain, but what if I ask you like this, “Do you know about Naveen Jain?”, would you still answer “No”?

Well, you can answer “Yes” or “No”, but you should know who Naveen Jain is and what he has done so that we have to learn from him. And what is Intelius?

Naveen Jain is co-founder and CEO of Intelius. In addition, Naveen Jain is also chairman and CEO of, and former Microsoft manager. Now see who Naveen Jain is. He is really a successful person, at least, in his career. But there is something very important that we have to learn from Naveen Jain in addition to a successful person. Naveen Jain with his Intelius now are doing efforts to help other people in need, especially in need of basic needs such as education, housing, and medicine. As we have known so far that those basic needs are so expensive that many people cant afford them.

In his hometown, Uttar Pradesh, northern Indian state, Naveen Jain witnessed directly the bad effects of poverty and illiteracy, especially upon women and children. Therefore, although now Naveen Jain is a really successful person with Intelius, he is not arrogant for that success. In the contrary, Naveen Jain never forgets his witness by helping those in need of basic needs. Naveen Jain and Intelius supports other philanthropic organizations such as United Way and Hopelink and Children’s Hospital by donating an amount of money taken from Intelius’ profits. At least, Intelius has donated more than $1 Million. And what Intelius has done so far really has impressed Puget Sound Business Journal, so they named Intelius as one of Puget Sound’s Largest Corporate Philanthropists.

If you want to know more about Naveen Jain, Intelius, and their philanthropic activities, you can surf on the Internet.

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