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Passive Voice in English

We use “PASSIVE VOICE” when we want to focus on the action, or the object affected by an action. For example, when someone has stolen your money, then you may say, “My money has been stolen” . Here we want to focus on “my money” and “stolen”.

Let’s see the chart below how to form “passive voice” from “active voice”

Passive voice is formed by “to be + V3/Past Participle”


Active Voice

Passive Voice

Simple Present Jane writes the poem The poem is written by Jane
Present Continuous Jane is writing the poem The poem is being written by Jane
Simple Past Jane wrote the poem The poem was written by Jane
Past Continuous Jane was writing the poem The poem was being written by Jane
Present Perfect Jane has written the poem The poem has been written by Jane
Simple Future Jane will write the poem The poem will be written by Jane

Now, I’ll give you homework, please change to passive voice the sentence below:

Jane is going to write the poem.

Jane had written the poem.

Jane has been writing the poem

Comments :

akhlis said...

Let me try...
The poem is going to be written (by Jane ).
The poem had been written (by Jane).
The poem has been being written (by Jane).

I want more ,I want more....^_^

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