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Irregular Verbs

In the former post, I have discussed about Active Voice. As we have know that active voice is formed by “to be + V3/past participle. Well, today I will give you some of irregular verbs from base form/present, past, and past participle.



Past Participle

be was, were been
become became become
buy bought bought
cut cut cut
come came come
eat ate eaten
feel felt felt

Well, today I can’t give all the irregular verbs, because there are still many. But, I promise that I will give someday. I am sorry because today I am so so busy.

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3 comments to “Irregular Verbs”
Rinto said...

great job...can I learn english here..Your english look like really good

kang_abeh said...

klo presentnya brang, kesana breng dan brong. jadi klo disusun jadi brang breng brong, heu..heu..

apih yayan said...

wah belajar inggris dulu nih.. ikutan ah..

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