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Cannot or can not?

Someone asked me what the difference between “cannot” and “can not”.

He said that when he types “can not” using MS Word, it will be automatically “cannot”. Why?

Actually both “cannot” and “can not” are acceptable, but “cannot” is usual.

That’s all.

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3 comments to “Cannot or can not?”
ierone-hepera said...

just it?
it's so so simple

Kerim said...

I think there is no difference between using "can not" or "cannot"

thanks for these useful information :)

akhlis said...

Yeah, language sucks sometimes.It's so arbitrary no one can explain it logically.It's damn hard to make English learners understand why even a single space can be tricky and troublesome.I used to teach grammar,ughh and believe me people, it's harder than the hardest. The students kept asking some exceptional cases that indicate linguistic irregularity, which is so hard to explain simply just because that's the way it is, full stop.

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