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Questions in Learning English

Hello readers, are you learning English? Well, when you learn English, it's very important for you to ask questions because asking questions means leading the conversations. The more questions you ask, the faster you will learn English. In this blog, there is a navigation tab that allows you ask questions to me. You can try it and I will be very glad to answer your question because I also can learn from your question.

As you can see, there are closed and open questions in English. Please take a look at these examples: Are you from China? Do you speak English? Do you have a car? These three questions are closed questions because they all start with a verb (are or do). An open question starts with a question word: What is your favourite colour? Where are you from? What is your name? What company do you work for? What does this word mean? One of the most important questions you should constantly ask yourself is this: Why do I learn English? Because if you know why you do, you will find the means how to learn English.

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