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How to write an article

Hello, readers, how are you today? I hope you are always fine and I am in a good health today.

Today I want to share about how to write an article, I mean what we should do before, during, and after writing an article. Below are the tips (but this is my experience)

Before writing:

Make a concept, theme or topic before you write. After that, determine the length of the article you want to write, for example, you can determine the total of paragraph of the article. Determine the contents of the article and distinguish or divide into three parts; the preface, content, and closing.

During writing:

When you are writing an article, you must match with the theme or topic you want to discuss. Follow the concept you have made such as the preface, the contents, and how you would like to close your article.

After writing:

After you finished writing an article, you have to read it. Check again whether you mad mistake or not.

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2 comments to “How to write an article”
plague doctor said...

thanks 4 your info brother

plague doctor said...

thanks 4 your info brother

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