Asking for help in polite English for Business purposes

2:04 PM
Below are the examples of asking-for-help-expressions for Business purposes and said politely:

Could you please...?
Would you please...?
Would you mind (verb-ing)...?
Could you do me a favor?

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  1. you should supply some examples, pal.
    And if you don't mind, let me add one more:
    "Would you mind if ....(simple past)?"

  2. Thanks for reading...also please give me suggestion how to write English in this blog so it will be useful for me and readers.

  3. Come one..You're joking, your blog is better than mine,buddy! You can see how unfocused mine is; on my blog I'm rambling, talking aimlessly about various topics. But if I really have to say something about your blog, you should give more detailed explanation and elaboration, but not too lengthy certainly.And how about TOEFL test prep? no doubt there'll be more visitors comin'. Everyone, even they hate English since the day they were born, has to take TOEFL test to get a job so I think it's going to be a blast on your blog ^_^