Criticism against Israel continues occurring

4:50 PM
Criticism against Israel attack on Palestinian in Gaza continues to occur. At this time, it has occurred in Jakarta, Indonesia, precisely in front of the United States Embassy for Indonesia.

Tens of thousands of mass PKS (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera, a political party that has principles of Islam) gathered in front of the embassy of the United States. At about 3 pm local time, January 2, 2009, the mass have gathered in front of the US embassy.

The demonstration action is filled with orations and yells conducted alternately by a number of the demonstrators.

The orations and yells contained the disagreement and cursing against the attacks of Israel over the Palestinians. Israel has killed hundreds of innocent Palestinians so far.

As far as I see in the Indonesian television, Demonstrators is still conductible. More over, rows of police have been ready to act if the demonstrators going anarchic.

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