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You get stuck when you’re writing an article

Do you ever experience of getting stuck when you’re writing an article? It must be because of a lack of ideas, right? I do as well.
What do you usually do when it happen? Drink a cup of coffee or tea first? Or Stop writing then go to bed? Ha ha ha those things what I used to do, not now. Because now I am used to getting up in the early morning so I can write an article with fresh mind. And bright ideas flow smoothly. Now what if I still get stuck although I write in the early morning?

I do these below when I get stuck in writing an article:

1. Take my notebook and pen then start to scribbling. Because sometimes I feel confused where to start my writing, by writing the points of my ideas, I can determine what to start on.
2. Relax for a while and leave my writing.
3. Read my reference book.
4. Then start writing again.

So what do you usually do when you get stuck?
Please tell us by commenting here.

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Comments :

3 comments to “You get stuck when you’re writing an article”
Anonymous said...

klo lagi stuck on u biasanya maen games di pc...hehehe

kadang ngeblog juga bisa bikin suntuk alias lazy ada ide :D

Anonymous said...

Just write it in Indonesia first, then translate it to english..with translator or Not..

But, I suggest to not use translator anymore, except for some important reason..

Anonymous said...

@septian: thx that's very good suggestion

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