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Poor Melati!!

Today I want to practice my reading and writing. Let’s read s story below:

There was a little girl whose father was a very poor farmer, named Melati. They lived in a slum and their house was not habitable. After primary school Melati almost could not continue to junior high school, there was, her older sister, who was willing to help Melati although the condition was almost the same but eventually Melati could pass. During the school, Melati’s performance was not too bad. She was always in big five. But how poor, when almost passed her sister died because of the accident, so Melati could not continue to senior high school. She tried to continue her study at Mr. B.J. Habibie’s, she received information about the school from her junior high school teachers. She sent a letter to Mr. B.J. Habibie, however, the reply that she had been waiting for, did not come.

One night she was proposed marriage by a youth. Short story, both young man and woman were match one another. They loved each other.

Open, honesty, and trust were their commitment so they were bonded more closely in love.

As the time passed Melati’s father is no longer able to farm, Melati was forced to receive the challenge from someone to work as TKI (migrant worker) in Malaysia to help find a better life. He asked for prayer and blessing to her family and her boy friend and she went finally. She felt so sad and hard to leave her hometown, moreover her love to her boy friend was newly sprout. However her intention had overcome all of the feelings.

In the first year Melati’s family received 2 letters from Melati. But in the second year there was no longer news. Several times her father wrote letters, but the replies as he hoped didn’t come as well. Melati’s father expected the arrival of his only daughter. Sense of fear, longing, worry and hope on Melati mingled in the heart of Melatis’s father. It made him write a letter containing the news that he was ill and needed Melati’s presence.

This was the beginning of the first disaster that would befall Melati.

Meanwhile, in the city Tawao, Malaysia, Melati imagined the situation of her hometown while sitting. On that day her employer-family was out. Suddenly there was someone voice outside, Melati found out a postman there. Melati received a letter from him. To be written there: “for my beloved Melati”. A smile and sense of happy were seen on her face. What she had been waiting for all the time finally had come. But after she read the letter her face changed into sadness. She got the news that her father was ill. The letter made her intention to escape from there become stronger. She felt that it was the time after she often got physical torture from her employer due to a small mistake. Finally she escaped, went to the port Emigresen Tawao.

The sky looked dark. Lightning strike started, and the storms came. The boat that brought Melati was adrift and eventually drowned. Melati found herself in a house owned by a fisherman. After conscious, Melati retold all that happened to the old fisherman who had found her on the beach of Pesona Pangkal Pinang. Melati asked him to escort her to the opposite island, Java Island. The fisherman wanted to help but he did not have a boat, only IDR 30,000 that could be given to Melati. The fisherman told that there was a rich merchant who had the boat. The boat sailed once a week to Java Island brought goods.

Melati came to the merchant. The merchant was very friendly, in short, Melati came along with the merchant sailing to Java Island. On the way the merchant asked Melati to go into his private room. There was a converstion between them. The merchant could escort Melati to Java Island if Melati served him as if his wife or else the merchant would throw away Melati to the sea. Melati would like to scream out but she had no choice, she received it.

When arrived at the Port of Tanjung Priok, the merchant gave some money to Melati. With a pale face, slow steps, and no more happy face she knocked at the door of her house. Her father opened the door. Melati cried and held tight her father and so did her father. After that her father told that he missed Melati so much. So he told a lie if he was sick in order to make Melati come home. Melati was very angry to hear that.
“So what you said in the letter was a lie?” asked Melati. “You have to know that I have sacrificed something very worthy in my life, that was only for seeing you as you told me that you were sick.” Added Melati. “You are so cruel!”

Melati ran while crying. She went towards her boy friend house. She told all that had happened to her. She still hoped him to receive her condition. But her boy friend was very angry and he asked Melati to get out of his house.

The day was almost dark. Melati walked slowly with no intention where to go. Melati was so sad finding herself like that. She remembered how her employer in Malaysia served her, the letter from her and or from her father would be taken, so that there was almost no communication between her and her father. Almost three years she worked without expected result. She continued crying her fate.

The next day the residents were so shocked by the body of a girl that was hung down on a tree. Melati committed suicide.

This story was taken and translated from Seno’s Blog

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, bro. I'll promote this blog too my friend. Your English is very good. You may translate this story without any problem. Thanks. Regards.

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