Money Talks

10:03 AM
They often say that money talks. Can money talk like human beings? ..No..It doesn’t. They mean that a person with a lot of money can say how he or she wants things done. Everything is near at hand. Need a car? A house? Or anything? They with a lot of money can gain those easily. But it is not easy to earn enough money to gain this kind of power.

Yes..if you want to gain a lot of money, do business. Although it is a jungle out there. It means that there’s unknown dangers out there in a business that threaten the survival of business. And also they must be aware of being ripped off, means stolen or at least has been treated very unfairly.

Perhaps the best way to prevent getting ripped off in business is to not try to get rich quickly. To be successful, a person in business works hard and tries to get down to brass tacks.
This expression means to get to the bottom or most important part of something. For example, a salesman may talk and talk about his product without saying the price. You get down to brass tacks when you say, "it sounds good, but how much does it cost."

So, if we get down to brass tacks, we can prevent rip-offs of earning money in that jungle out there. And, some good luck will help, too.

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  1. i agree with you. everything needs money, but money is not everything. let's be entrepreneur.

  2. Yeah..that's what i'm doing and we're doing..