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English Expression Using the Words What and How

“What” and “how” are usually used to express a question. But in this session we will learn English expression showing our amazement by using those words. See and check the difference:

“What is your name?” (Question)
“What a beautiful name!” (Expression)

“How are you today?” (Question)
“How beautiful it is!” (Expression) or you can say:
“What a beautiful day it is!”
“What a beautiful day!” (it’s commonly used)

You got it? Well, let’s see the difference using between what and how in the expression.

“What a charming girl she is!” It means she is a charming girl and you are amazed.
Also you can say like this:
“How charming she is!”
“What a charming girl!”
“How charming the girl!”
“How charming she is!”

You can’t say: “What charming the girl!”

Yesterday I met my girl friend and I admired her like this: “What a beautiful girl you are, My Sweetheart! You know the more I see you the more I love you!”
Ha ha ha

That’s my opinion now if you have other opinions please tell us by commenting below.
Thank you.

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5 comments to “English Expression Using the Words What and How”
Seno said...

How nice your blog is.

Seno said...

what a nice blog

Seno said...

How important are your comments,, regards. seno.

Ade Sanusi said...

ok thank for informations

Anonymous said...

Yang benar : Nice blog atau good blog?
Kalau saya baru belajar dan ngeblog menggunakan simple English dan nggak perhatikan grammar. Maklum ngeblog sambil melatih bahasa Inggris.
Salam buat Anda.

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