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Sandwich word, we've known as a noun, is sandwich or (meat, cheese or lettuce, etc.), in English also functions as a verb (especially in the form of the passive voice), which means; hemmed in between two people / objects.

Sentence 'I was sandwiched between two fat men on the bus', we have translated as, 'I was hemmed in between two fat men on the bus'.

Being in a state hemmed in by two people / objects in associated with Sandwich.

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2 comments to “Sandwich”
akhlis said...

Ooo,I got that..I once read that 'sandwich' derived from an English noble man called Sir Sandwich (I'm not pretty sure about the name but that's what I recall)

akhlis said...

bro, could u do me a favor? can you view my blog page and find out if my PR really went up from 0 to 2? Please?? My damn internet connection is f**king slow, which is why I can't view my page perfectly.

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