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Someone asked me why there are sentences as follow:

These books are my favorite.

These are my favorite books.

Yes, the two sentences are right and the meaning is the same. We can say like that because the word “Favorite” has two functions. Those are the adjective and noun so we can place the word “favorite” both as the adjective position and noun position.

That’s all. Any idea? Tell us below here!

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3 comments to “favorite”
kopitozie said...

your English is quite good 0_0

Cyntia said...

kalo di balik bisa nga kak "My favorite books are these" ?? nga tumpah kan kak kayak bakso :)


Ches said...

@Cyntia, kalau dibalik kayaknya kurang begitu pas ya, jadi kayak bahasa Indonesia, palagi bacanya pake logat Indonesia.

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