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Interjections are the words used to express some feelings such as surprise, pleasure, pity, hesitate, greetings, and much more. Here I would like to give some interjections for you.

Interjection Meaning Example
Ah expressing pleasure, surprise Ah, I think it is very good!
Dear expressing pity Oh Dear! That would hurt him
Hi, Hello, Hullo expressing greetings Hi, how are you?
Oh, O expressing surprise, pain Oh, so did you come there last night?
Hmm, uh, er expressing hesitation Uh…I am not sure …

There are still many other interjections in English. I cannot mention all here, but I think I will discuss it next time. Now If you have any idea or question, you can tell us here, so other readers will know. You can also click the ASK QUESTION tab above and then I will publish it in this blog.

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